Have you ever come home from a vacation to an unmowed lawn? Have you ever pulled into your driveway to find that someone threw a piece of trash on your grass? Do you water your plants? Power wash your house? Touch up scuffed walls with paint? Fix broken doors? It's easy to take the condition of a church for granted, but each week, hard-working volunteers take time out of their busy schedules to make sure our building and grounds are in good shape and welcoming to both members, regular attendees and newcomers.

You wouldn't let the yard work at your house fall by the wayside. You wouldn't let your children play near broken glass, or leave trash in your driveway. Our goal is that people who walk through our doors, parking lot or grass don't encounter any problems. In the Bible, God identifies the maintenance of His temple as a calling to its congregation. He expects our building and grounds to reflect our hearts! To join our rotation, simply contact our office staff.