We truly have a heart for children! All of our nurseries are available during each of our services, providing children with both physical care and age-appropriate spiritual training in a loving, safe environment where parents can feel comfortable leaving their little ones. Our Infants' Nursery (newborn thru two years) is directly outside of our sanctuary, while our toddlers have their own Toddler Nursery in the Lower Level. As always, safety and security are two of our top priorities.

Safety and Security

We value your trust in considering our nursery as a safe place for your child to rest while you worship. We have many security measures in place in order to provide a safe and secure environment including:

All Nursery caregivers complete an application process that includes references, a background check and training regarding TGSM policies and procedures.

All rooms have a minimum of two adult caregivers (18 or older) present at all times in each room, including parents as part of the regular rotation. The worker-to-child ratio in our infant nursery is 1:2, as there will be one worker for every two children.

Food and bottles are given only according to your directions and never without your permission.

With the exception of parents/ guardians, only the scheduled Nursery Caregivers are permitted in our two Nurseries.

Rooms are clean and free of clutter, with age appropriate toys.

Wellness Policy

We want all of our little ones happy and healthy. In order to keep our nursery as happy and germ-free as possible for all children, we do ask that parents keep their children home if they have a fever greater than 99.0°, a contagious illness, or if they exhibit symptoms including but not limited to vomiting and diarrhea and fever within 24 hours. This policy not only protects other children, but also ensures that your child gets the most enjoyment from our ministry by coming at their best.



If you have any questions regarding our Nursery, please e-mail or call This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at the church office.