Our pastoral staff is sincere, honest and trustworthy, and God has blessed us with their presence!  If you need counsel, prayer, compassion or guidance, take comfort in the fact that our pastors have a heart for ministry and the people in our church and community.  Feel free to contact any one of them if you'd like to meet in person or if you have any questions about The Good Shepherd Ministries, its practices, beliefs or purpose.

Our senior pastor, Pastor Steven McCullough, has been a minister for more than
thirty years. Burdened for missions and expanding the kingdom of God, he's worked to build more than twenty churches in the United States, Mexico, Chile and Thailand. His efforts have recently helped establish five churches in the Philippines. 

Our assistant pastor, Pastor Brad Reaves, devotes his time, energy and prayer into assisting our senior pastor, investing his efforts in various ministries around the church, and addressing the needs of the congregation.

Our youth pastor, Pastor Jeff Casto, is available for our teens any time, day or night. He understands their struggles and continually challenges them to grow in Christ and stop settling for anything less.

Our children's pastor, Pastor Robin Meek, is also our Director of Christian Eduction. Her priority is to help our children grow up with God and our adults to get the most out of their spiritual education.