By clarifying the things we believe and explaining the way we conduct our services, our only purpose is to provide people with insight into who we are. It's not our intention to argue our position with any other Christian believer. We're content to agree to disagree. We just want to love and fellowship with anyone who calls on the name of Jesus Christ in truth and sincerity.

Our congregation is determined to help you and your family to know, to love and to serve Jesus Christ. We believe we can achieve this by celebrating God's presence through worship, by spreading God's Word through evangelism, by incorporating God's children into our fellowship, by educating God's people with discipleship, and by demonstrating God's love through service. It's our desire to provide you with:


God's Purpose to Live For
God's People to Live With
God's Principles to Live By
God's Profession to Live Out
God's Power to Live On
(A Mission)
(A Ministry)


We don't want to focus on developing programs. We want to focus on growing people with a process!