Our Government


We believe that church government should be simplistic and follow God's Word in all matters. Instead of relying on complex bureaucracy, we depend on the Holy Spirit to lead and guide our decisions. We work to keep our system free of "church politics."

We believe that the Pastor is responsible for the church, responsible to hear from God, and responsible to feed and love His people faithfully. We believe that advisers are an essential part of his counsel and, to this end, we have several members on our advisory board who represent the congregation. Their duty is to help the Pastor care for the spiritual needs of the congregation, as well as the material needs of the church. These members serve as our Church Board and diligently pray and seek God's calling and guidance. Our current advisers meet with the Pastor on a regular basis and we have annual business meetings open to the entire membership to keep our finances as transparent as possible.

We believe that the only organizations that should be implemented in our church are the ones that are needed to minister to the Lord and His people.