Next to parental guidance, the church is the best place to equip your children with the spiritual foundation they'll lean on for the rest of their lives. Each Bible lesson, activity, event and exhilarating moment is an opportunity to help them build a strong faith, and each volunteer, pastor and staff member wants nothing less than to see your child grow in Christ. At The Good Shepherd Ministries, we teach our children how to practice their faith every day, whether they're at school, home, social functions or spending time alone in their rooms. We not only want them to see God's direct involvement in their life, we want them to grow up knowing, loving, and serving Jesus Christ!

All of o
ur Kids' Ministries, from our Tuesday Evening Pioneer Club to our Sunday School classes, are designed to demonstrate Christ's love to your children, to enrich their knowledge of His purpose and plan, and to bring them ever closer in line with His will. We staff our ministries with nurturing teachers who have a real burden and calling for the children God brings through our doors. Each one works to provide your kids with a safe, healthy, fun-filled learning environment that encourages their spiritual development. Moreover, each of our workers have been screened and trained to ensure your child's complete safety and your peace of mind.

If you have any questions about our children's ministries, please don't hesitate to contact our Children's Pastor and Director of Christian Education, Robin Meek, or our Pioneer Club Directors, David and Sharon Dick.
We look forward to ministering to your entire family and having the opportunity to introduce more and more children to Christ!