The Good Shepherd Ministries is home to a special service every Tuesday evening at 7pm and we have something exciting to offer people of all ages. We offer an Adult Bible Study in the main sanctuary, one that places an emphasis on worship, fellowship and teaching. These topical studies are led by Pastor McCullough and are based in the Word of God so you can confidently apply the message to your life, grow closer to God, and continue to develop a greater spiritual maturity in Christ.

Our current Adult Bible Study is "Victorious Christian Service," a study of the Book of Nehemiah, its connection to an exciting 187-year time period in Israel’s history under Persian rule, and how, in many ways, this time period mirrors our own. We'll be looking at the amazing historical and spiritual events Nehemiah details and their profound meaning and relevance to our culture, church and families today.

In the lower level of our building, we also offer a Pioneer Club for children in elementary school (K5 through 6th grade) and a variety of kids' ministries for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Our Youth Group also meets in the Lower Level for a Bible Study designed to address the world, struggles and challenges they encounter on a daily basis. All of our ministries provide effective learning environments, help to booster healthy emotional development, and provide support and encouragement. We also offer Nursery facilities manned by trained and screened staff.

No matter the age being ministered to, everything we do is centered around Christ and Christ alone. Everyone is in the ongoing, never-ending process of learning to know, to love, and to serve Jesus Christ!