Jesus said, “I came to give life; the kind of abundant life that allows my sheep to thrive!” John 10:10
We believe there aren’t many callings greater than the call to lead our kids to Jesus and help each one build a real, personal relationship with him. Our dedicated Family Ministries Director, Carlyn Brown, and her team of loving volunteers count it a privilege and a blessing to answer that call every week. Thrive is committed to ensuring your kids and grandkids build authentic connections with God and remain a top priority!
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Sunday School – Sundays 9:15am
Our kids’ Sunday School classes are carefully developed to incorporate the social, emotional and spiritual needs of each student. Each child learns differently than the next, so we take special care to prepare lessons and activities that meets each student where they’re at. Our classes feature enthusiastic Christ-led leaders and volunteers, crazy games, cool crafts, engaging Bible teaching, and plenty of other surprises, not to mention a healthy dose of fun, all centered around Jesus!
Super Church – Sundays 10:30am
Super Church asks three important questions: what if we believed that our kids were capable of more than we assume? What if we stopped simply teaching lessons and instead connected kids to the wonders and depths of the Bible? And what if we taught our kids how to genuinely apply everything they experience and learn at TGSM to their everyday lives? Well, we gave it a try and wow! The joy and excitement our kids exude as they walk with Jesus is incredible, inspiring and infectious!
Nursery Ministry
Our nursery provides TGSM’s smallest blessings with physical, emotional and spiritual care in a safe, nurturing environment. The gifted and trained volunteers that have been specifically selected for this vital ministry use their gifts and warmth to make even the youngest children feel valued and loved. We believe kids are never too young to experience Jesus in some capacity! Please contact us if you have any questions.