Below is a helpful list of recent frequently asked questions (FAQ). Please email us
if you have inquiries that aren’t addressed below and we’ll add more information to this page.
Thank you again for your patience during this challenging time!


Are all services cancelled? If so, do you offer online services?

Currently all Sunday morning worship, Sunday evening youth, and Tuesday evening Bible study services, as well as all scheduled activities and events in the near future, have been cancelled. We are planning our first in-person service on June 7th. Details will be distributed on June 2nd. You can find all the latest news on cancellations, postponements, etc. by visiting and/or bookmarking our COVID-19 Response page. And yes! We now offer online services. You can find our videos here, or on YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook


Is the church office closed?

The church office is largely closed. Staff are present only on a limited basis or by appointment. You may still contact individual pastors and staff via the Contact page above, or by texting, calling or e-mailing Pastor Kenny at (301)302-9825 or


Who do I contact for hospital visitation, home visitation or funeral needs?

Contact Pastor Kenny. Please just keep in mind that medical centers, hospitals and funeral homes currently have extremely tight restrictions in place regarding visitation and services. We’re also taking precautionary measures in situations where we might normally visit someone in their home. We aren’t worried you’ll make us sick… we don’t want to inadvertently put you at risk! That said, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can walk you through current restrictions, answer questions and provide support in whatever capacity we are permitted and able. 


Can my small group or ministry still have meetings?

No. We’re asking all groups and ministries to postpone official meetings and/or find creative ways to utilize online tools such as Skype, video chats, etc. for any group gatherings. Please note: this includes outdoor meetings/gatherings. We ask that all teachers, volunteers, leaders and members follow all national and state mandates, limiting direct social contact with individuals as much as possible. If you would like help investigating online options for your group or ministry, please contact Pastor Kenny.


Do you offer anything for children online?

We currently offer kids’ videos, class content and more online! Look for new and exciting ways for your children and grandchildren to learn about Jesus, stay connected with teachers and each other, and more this summer as well.

What about teens and young adults?

Yes! Our youth group is already resuming studies and services online, and there are a ton of surprises and innovations in store. Please email our Student Ministries Team Leader, Bella Morganthal, if you have any questions or would like your teenager to be a part of our online youth group!

I’m struggling to answer tough questions my children are asking…

Don’t hesitate to contact our pastors and ask for help! We’re available. Our TGSM Kids Weekly videos are also a great resource. The doors may be closed but our ministry to your family is not!  

How do I still give my tithe and offering?

We don’t yet offer online giving. However, you can mail your tithe or offering to 19763 Longmeadow Rd, Hagerstown, MD, 21742. You can also email our secretary, Lisa Mowen, if you would like to learn about an option that allows your bank to send tithes and offering checks for you. Currently all mail is being held at the post office and picked up by staff, so your checks aren’t at risk of being stolen. Mail won’t be sitting in the mailbox at the church! We appreciate your continued obedience to God, worship and stewardship. We don’t take tithes and offerings, we receive joyful tithes and offerings. There’s a big difference.

Who do I contact with prayer needs?

Any of our staff or pastors. We are also working on ways to connect people in prayer more often and in creative new ways utilizing online tools, phone apps and more. Keep your eyes out for new options soon!