Kids Unleashed – Winter 2023 Session
Kids love to cook, but not every kid has the chance or even knows the joy of creating a delicious meal, tasty desserts, or fun treats. Junior Chefs Unleashed aims to change that this winter! It’s not just a cooking class, though, it’s a whole new way to understand God, draw closer to Jesus and listen to the Spirit while having a blast in the kitchen. Like food, some things in life are healthy and some things, well, not so much. It’s all about learning what ingredients make things taste so good, what foods help give our bodies the energy we need, and what things slow us down and make it a struggle to stay healthy.
This winter we’ll take our junior chefs and help them create, create, create! Not only will they suddenly be a bigger help in the kitchen, they’ll learn about yet another gift and talent, develop confidence in their abilities, and start to realize how much God teaches us through the seemingly simple things in life.  With the help of Children’s Missionary Terry Williams, our dedicated kids’ ministry team, and some very special professional chefs from the community, we’ll be teaching these chefs-in-the-making so much and immersing them in so many experiences they won’t be able to contain their excitement!