Our pastor and leadership team recognizes the authority of God and realize we serve under Jesus Christ! If you’d like to arrange a call or meeting with a staff member, you can contact us by visiting the contact page or send an e-mail by clicking on any of the photos below.
Kenneth Brown, Lead Pastor
At the end of the Bible, Jesus says, “Behold, I am making all things new!” We often get so comfortable with what is that we forget God is already working on what’s next. Ministry is the same. It’s important to remember our job isn’t to tell God what to do but rather to find out what He has in store for His people. Pastor Kenny has served in ministry for over twenty-five years, twenty-one of which have been at TGSM. He and his wife Rachel are dedicated to emphasizing the truth and timelessness of God’s Word, spreading the Gospel, and mentoring and developing disciples of all ages. Pastor Kenny counts it both a blessing and a privilege to lead TGSM as it grows to better know, love and serve Jesus.  
Andy & Nicole Miller, Music Ministry Directors
Worship is so much more than music. It’s a way of living! And yet music is one of the many wonderful ways we’ve been given to express our praise, thanksgiving and adoration to God. More than that, it has the ability to draw us toward a deeper, more intimate connection to Him, helps us shove aside any and every distraction and focus on the only thing that truly matters: His presence. Andy and Nicole have been a blessing to both our church and ever-expanding music ministry. They understand the importance of balancing the familiar and the new; leading all ages into multi-generational worship rooted in spirit and in truth!
Carlyn Brown, Family Ministries Director
One thing that becomes abundantly clear when you dig into the Gospels is that Jesus has a special heart for families and kids. When the disciples were trying to keep a group of children at a distance, Jesus quickly put a stop to it, saying, “Let the little children come to me and don’t hinder them! The kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like them.” At TGSM, we prioritize your family and especially your children. Carlyn, her husband Mike, and her entire ministry team are dedicated to helping families forge authentic relationships with God. Everything we do is designed to produce deep, measurable spiritual growth in families and kids at church and at home!
Steven McCullough, Founding Pastor 

What began as a spark in the heart of a teenage troublemaker saved by grace soon grew into a fire: expand the kingdom.  Despite adversity of many varieties over the years, Pastor Steven McCullough answered that call, establishing more than two dozen churches across the world.  TGSM is a local realization of that mission.  Though he and his wife Jeannie retired in 2020 and remain our dear friends, his passion for ministry and missions is infused in our church, inspiring us to reach out to the lost, nurture and walk alongside those new to the faith, strengthen more established believers, and to heed the call so long ago ingrained in his heart to expand the kingdom of God.

TGSM Advisory Board

We believe that the lead pastor of a church is responsible for the local church, to hear from the Spirit, and to feed and love God’s people faithfully.  Advisors are appointed as needed by the pastor to serve as an official Advisory Board, which consists of no less than three members at any given time. The TGSM Advisory Board’s primary duties are to help the pastor care for the spiritual needs of the congregation and the material needs of the church, to empower the staff to carry out God’s vision.

Current board members include David Dick, Dan Garnand, Carolyn Hardt and Mike Brown.