Pastor Steven McCullough, Senior Pastor

What began as a spark in the heart of a teenage troublemaker saved by grace quickly grew into a fire that has burned for more than three decades of ministry.  That fire, that call, was as simple as it was profound. Expand the kingdom.  Despite trials and adversity, Pastor Steven McCullough has answered that call, Christ’s Great Commission, establishing more than two-dozen churches across the United States, Mexico, Chile, Thailand, the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.  Recently, he oversaw a multi-tiered expansion of our own church building; a construction project that doubled our Christian Education space.  More than addressing a practical need of a growing congregation, this expansion was specifically designed to support and further the discipling of children, teenagers and young families, while equipping more experienced leaders and mentors to share in a rewarding and encouraging multi-generational walk with Christ.  Yet even as his ministry continues to develop in exciting new ways, his mission, at home and abroad, remains the same: to help people come to know, to love and to serve Jesus Christ.  The Good Shepherd Ministries is a realization of that mission.  Pastor McCullough’s passion for full-family ministry, local outreach and foreign missions has multiplied throughout our congregation, allowing our church to nurture new believers, strengthen faithful followers, and heed the call that’s long been ingrained in his heart: expand the kingdom.

Pastor Kenneth Brown, Assistant Pastor & Youth and Family Ministries Director
Service isn’t a component of ministry. It’s the very lifeblood of ministry. Jesus called each disciple to follow Him but spent years teaching and preparing them to serve. He continues to do so with His disciples today. It’s only through serving others that we truly come to know, love and serve Christ, and it’s only through that love, knowledge and service – the essentials of a thriving relationship – that we grow closer to Him. Pastor Kenny and his wife, Rachel, have served in ministry for twenty-three years; nineteen of which have been under Pastor McCullough at The Good Shepherd Ministries. They are dedicated to mentoring and developing disciples, teaching the truth of the Gospel, raising up adult and student leaders, and creating, developing and supporting every ministry within the church. Pastor Kenny’s desire is to see children who love Jesus grow to become teenagers who love Jesus; teenagers who love Jesus grow to become adults who love Jesus; and adults who love Jesus grow to fully realize their Great Commission calling in our church, community and abroad. One of his greatest joys is watching believers lead and encourage other believers. He counts it a blessing and privilege to help the congregation of TGSM dedicate their lives to serving others and serving Jesus Christ.  
Pastor Matthew Price, Music and Visitation Pastor
God wants to be the Lord of your life.  He wants to have a relationship with you.  All He asks is that you follow and trust Him.  In that relationship, you can’t help but recognize His greatness and want to praise Him.  In fact, He tells you how to do it.  Psalm 150:6 teaches us that when we do this, we join all of creation in magnificent praise!  Praising God should not be a chore.  It is an honor, privilege and pure joy.  Pastor Matt was raised in the church.  As the son of a preacher, his love of Jesus has been a part of his life from the very beginning.  Pastor Matt is passionate about worship.  Not just corporate worship, but individual worship.  His desire is for everyone to experience a life in service to worship our King.  


Our dedicated office staff – Lisa Mowen (Secretary/Treasurer), Bella Morganthal (Youth and Children’s Ministries),
and Jeannie McCullough (Administrative Assistant) – keep the church, office and ministries running smoothly, working directly in ministry, handling inquires, publications, website data, financial and member databases, and assisting the pastoral staff with ministry coordination.
Lisa Mowen      
Bella Morganthal 
Youth and Children’s Ministries