Our Midweek Wednesday Recharge is a great place to worship, connect with God in study and help your entire family grow in their personal relationships with Jesus.  We currently offer an adult Bible study, youth ministry, and kids’ ministry on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00.  This year we have a summer hiatus from June-August, however our teens will continue to meet at the regular time all summer!
Current Topic: What If Jesus was Serious? We’re exploring many of Jesus’s seemingly simple, sometimes challenging, and often misunderstood teachings… asking whether we, as believers, are really hearing, absorbing and living out the things he taught. Let’s face it: if you compare the path Jesus lays out for us to the ways many Christians live, it becomes apparent that 1) believers can’t always seem to agree on exactly what Jesus is talking about, 2) modern believers are missing a lot of context that helps illuminate his meaning and intent, and 3) some of us simply ignore what he says if it’s hard to accept or apply.