Growing Together: Forgiving What You Can’t Forget

Bringing together high school students, college-aged young adults, married couples and some seasoned seniors, Growing Together focuses on the two most important things in our walk with Jesus: building a relationship with God and building relationships with each other. And we’re not talking about socializing, or attending, or gathering. We’re talking about real, authentic believers forging real, authentic connections. Meaningful worship and fellowship occur in spirit and truth, with believers who spur one another on; not just in class on a Sunday morning, but throughout the week by way of prayer, encouragement, friendships and support. And forgiveness plays a major part. Not just God’s forgiveness of our sins, but the processing of our forgiving others for their mistakes. But what happens when I’m called to forgive something that’s hard to forget?
Join lead facilitator Roger Brown and our teaching team Sunday mornings at 9:15am in the lower level for coffee, discussion and study as we delve into a series of topics designed to make us more relational and relatable.