Jesus told us to make disciples of all nations. One small but key way we equip adults in our church to do this is through our Sunday morning classes. While our kids and grandkids learn about Jesus and have fun all their own in Sunday School, our adults have a number of electives to choose from; each one carefully designed with a different audience and style of study in mind.


Looking for a Walk-Thru-the-Bible Study?

Try “The Bible: One True Story at a Time” with Mike Mowen

A walk-thru-the-Bible study emphasizes a verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book exploration of God’s Word.  Mike’s class features a carefully researched, chronological walk through the narratives of scripture to help those in attendance better understand the biblical flow of events and how they relate to God’s ultimate plan.  Mike delves into the cultural, religious, linguistic and geographic settings in which the story of the Bible unfolds to help us gain a more accurate and thorough understanding of how God’s Word applies to our lives today.  He’s currently working his way through Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. We hope that this class helps you discover the many ways in which the gospels unify all 66 books of the Bible around Jesus and present scripture as a story of love written by God to us!  

Looking for a Life Application Study?
Try “Growing Stronger” with Brad Distad

A life application study emphasizes the best ways to apply scripture to our daily lives. Brad’s class offers a series of engaging discussions, exercises and studies of the Bible that examine aspects of our faith, our relationship with Christ, the gospel message and our Great Commission responsibilities.  He works to connect God’s Word to what we see in our everyday lives, asking crucial questions about how we can and why we need to understand scripture’s impact, relevance and timeliness in our modern age. We know that God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, and His Word is never out of touch, never outdated and never irrelevant. Come prepared to think outside of the box and ready to avoid cramming God into one!


Looking for an Apologetics Study?
 Try “Deep Dive” with Pastor Kenny Brown

An apologetics study emphasizes discovering answers to challenging questions surrounding scripture. Apologetics isn’t apologizing for scripture… it’s the opposite! I Peter 3:15 instructs us to “always be ready to explain our hope as a believer” and to do so “in a gentle and respectful way.” But anyone who has talked to someone who doesn’t believe that Jesus is the savior of the world knows what it’s like to be asked tough questions, challenged on difficult passages of the Bible, and presented with confusing counter arguments to scripture. We tackle those tough questions and difficult passages head on, gaining a deeper and more accurate understanding of God’s Word. The result? We’re better equipped to reach the 21st century lost in this dark and dying world!