Kids Unleashed – Fall 2022 Session
Underdogs Unleashed is all about children realizing their potential! Kids often develop insecurities and feelings of inadequacy as they approach adolescence, especially as they begin comparing their gifts and abilities to the capabilities and attributes of others. Kids then develop the impression that they’re not good enough. Strong enough. Smart enough. That they’ll never measure up. That they aren’t worth anything. But we’re here to tell them some big truths: they’re amazingly gifted by God, they don’t need to measure up to any standards but His, and He has BIG plans for each of them! 
Our goal with Underdogs Unleashed is to give your kids the confidence to be everything God has made them to be. With the help of Children’s Missionary Terry Williams, members of our dedicated kids’ ministry team, and special guest Ryan Morse — the fun-loving, highly enthusiastic owner of Crucible Performance — we’re eager to teach students about Jesus and the real race they’re running every day. We can’t wait to introduce our talented, energetic Underdogs to all the victories they can achieve, even at a young age!