First, the obvious question: why is a space that’s dedicated to teaching kids to pray called The War Room? Because spiritual warfare is real and kids experience it firsthand from a surprisingly young age, no matter how much we as parents work to protect them.
But there’s great news! We can go directly to God, no matter how young we are, and turn our cares, stresses and fears over to Him. 
The War Room is a quiet, reflective, highly interactive space that allows kids to focus on God, ask plenty of questions, and to learn all about how easy it is to talk to Him. Utilizing everything from journals to art to specialized activities, our teachers are able to guide children toward a comfort with prayer, introduce the many ways we can pray, and instill an understanding that not only can you talk to God anytime, you can also hear from Him too. And what a surprise it’s been. Even our youngest children, who you might think would become bored with a prayer room, literally beg us for more time! They can sense the peace and comfort of being in God’s presence even before they can articulate what it is that so excites them about their prayer time.
Students visit the War Room as a class typically once per month on a rotating basis. Several groups rotate through the War Room, including Sunday School elementary-aged children, Super Church elementary-aged children, and our youth group.
If you have any questions or would like further information about how the War Room operates, any content that’s taught, the topics that are covered, or the manner in which we encourage kids to pray at church or at home, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Family Ministries Director, Carlyn Brown, at We want you to be completely comfortable with what your student is learning and excited by how much they’re connecting to God.