Ministries with Monthly Meetings or Gatherings
Hearts of Love
1st Monday of the Month, 9am
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Refresh for Women
2nd Monday of the Month, 6:30pm
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Band of Brothers for Men
2nd Saturday of the Month, 9am
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His Abundance
1st Saturday of the Month, 9am
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Upcoming Special Events
Easter Community Kids Outreach – Saturday Morning, April 1st 
Help us reach out to our community and share Jesus with children! Invite family, friends… anyone with kids to a rain-or-shine event that teaches kids about the gospel while giving them plenty of fun things to do, an adventure to undertake, and tasty treats to collect. These are rare opportunities to meet people where they’re at, no strings attached. This is the first of many outreach events we’re excited about in 2023. Contact Carlyn Brown for more info.
Easter Morning Worship Service – Sunday, April 9th at 10:30am 
You and your family are invited to worship with us on Easter Sunday as we celebrate Jesus’s resurrection and the completion of God’s plan of salvation for the world. Have a friend or family member that’s had a difficult time accepting Jesus? There’s no time like Easter to invite them to experience God’s love and His message to them. Be sure to invite the people you care about as we work to present the gospel to them in a way that resonates.